Frequently Asked Questions

A franchise opportunity allows you to start your own business by using guidelines set forth by a franchisor. The following is a list of commonly asked questions and answers regarding this opportunity. If you have questions that are not listed below, please contact us here and a representative will be happy to assist.

Q: What is A Right Place for Seniors?
A Right Place for Seniors is a Free Referral Service, Senior Placement and Resource Guide for families and their loved ones. Our goal is to make life easy for Seniors and families who are searching for Senior Care. We partner with Senior Care providers and make sure that the companies and or senior care facilities we work with qualify under A Right Place for Seniors set of standards for best quality service and care for their Seniors and the Elderly.
Q: How long does it take for an application to be pre-approved?

The application process usually takes 1 day once we receive our completed confidential application

Q: What is the mission of A Right Place for Seniors?

The Mission of A Right Place for Seniors is to help as many seniors as possible by providing or giving solutions to the family when it comes to providing care and finding a place for those who need it.

Q: What is it like owning A Right Place for Seniors?

Owning your own business takes a lot of your time, effort and commitment each and every day. However, it’s also a lot of fun and very rewarding. You have the excitement and pride of ownership, and you’re providing a valuable service within your community that appreciates your commitment to finding A Right Place for Seniors in the truest sense of our name. You’ll help seniors find the living situations that best fit their needs of care.

Q: Will I have a protected territory for my franchise?

Yes, and that will be further discussed during our qualifying conversations.

Q: What is the recommended location size?

While we do not recommend any “specific” size, it does need to be large enough to accommodate yourself and all of the office equipment, and even your clients. A small office space is best if possible. Otherwise, a Home Office is an option during the first few months.

Q: What amount of capital will be required to open my A Right Place For Seniors?

Including the initial fee of $49,000, your total investment can range from a low of $65,500 to a high of $94,875 provided you negotiate with-in the start-up recommendations. Initial costs will include the Franchise Fee, tenant build-out & leasehold improvements, equipment, furniture, initial inventory and supplies, advertising, required working capital, and more. Please keep in mind the costs do vary based on location, size of unit, suppliers, and other factors. We will strategically work with you in obtaining the lowest costs when possible. If you opt to sign an Area Development Agreement that will allow you to develop from 2 to 5 locations in a designated territory, your total investment will be higher. These amounts do not include fees for additional territory beyond a population of up to 500,000. (Items 5 and 7 of our FDD offer additional information)

Q: What types of fees are associated with operating my franchise once it’s opened?

There is a Continuing License Fee that is a small percentage of Gross Revenues received from the previous week’s operations. There is a Marketing and Technology Fund Fee that is due each month. And, you must spend a small pre-determined percentage of your Gross Revenues each month on Local Advertising Expenditures.

Q: What will be my monthly overhead and break-even point?

At the appropriate time in the interviewing process, you will discuss with A Right Place for Seniors your pre-ownership business plan, which contains the financial aspects of pricing, fixed and variable expenses, and your bill-paying calendar. Respectively, each owner differs monthly on market rent, salaries, advertising, loan repayment, and personal business choices. Your goal is to oversee a low monthly budget and accelerate your break-even point.

Q: How much income will my franchise location generate? How long is the Return on Investment (ROI)?

We do not provide this information or any kind of assumption on this matter.

Q: Do we have to buy all supplies from you?

No. A percentage of your supplies you will be required to purchase from us or our approved vendors but many of your day to day supplies can be sourced locally.

<br /> Q: How long will it take to open an A Right Place for Seniors location?

This will all depend on the type of location that you choose to rent. If say you choose a location in a business park where the offices are already built, then you can be open in a matter of a few weeks. If per chance you choose a location that needs to be built out by the landlord, then it could possibly take up to 10-12 weeks, depending on the urgency of the landlord.

Q: Do you provide a website to support my location?

Yes! You will benefit from the A Right Place for Seniors website as part of your monthly Marketing and Technology Fund Fee which also contains each franchisee’s individual Micro-Site monthly hosting. The purpose of the National Consumer website is to establish and promote the A Right Place for Seniors brand to attract retail business for our franchisees. You will be provided information on that website at a later time and how you will be incorporated into it.

Q: Do you provide training?

Yes. A Right Place for Seniors will provide initial training, ongoing training, and ongoing support as deemed needed.

Q: Who is in charge of finding employees for our franchises?

It is up to you to find and hire your own employees. We will recommend potential sources for you to find staff and assist you in creating the job description but ultimately finding employees is your responsibility.

Q: How do I contact the franchise department?
Call us today at (800) 804-3840 or email us at

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