The Investment

How Much is The Investment for A Right Place Franchise

The total estimated investment necessary to begin operation of an A Right Place for Seniors® single franchise ranges from $61,225 to $83,875. This includes the initial franchise fee of $42,500 that must be paid to us. These amounts do not include fees for additional territory beyond a population of up to 500,000. (See Items 5 and 7 for additional information).

franchise-investmentInitial Franchise Fees

The initial franchise fee is $42,500 for a Territory, containing referral sources, that will be foremost delineated by the total population of up to 500,000 persons gathered by zip code population(s) as reported by the government. Although the numbers are calculated from zip code populations, the actual final Territory will be delineated with exact street or geographical boundaries. We have discretion in altering the zip code population(s) as assigned by us in accordance with topography, population, geography and other factors. Not all franchisees Territories will be exactly the same.

If you are permitted by us to purchase additional contiguous population or area at the time of signing your franchise agreement you will receive a discount for each additional increment of territory.

You may not directly market outside your defined territory, but you may service clients outside your protected area if it is not in the protected area of another franchisee but you will not acquire any rights to the area by servicing these clients.

All of the above franchise fees are uniform, non-refundable and are fully earned upon receipt.

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